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Prize draw for 5-17 year olds: Show us what nature in Sussex means to you!


Share a photo, drawing or poem you’ve made for the chance to win a £25 gift card.

Local Nature Recovery Strategies for Sussex have been seeking the views of local people through surveys, events and workshops. But other routes are needed to engage the the important future custodians of our landscapes - our children and young people!

A creative challenge

Rather than tell us their views on nature in Sussex, we invite 5-17 year olds to show us what nature means to them by taking a photo, drawing a picture or writing a poem in response to one of four statements.


Individuals can submit up to 5 photos, drawings or poems. They will be entered into a prize draw for the chance to win one of ten £25 Post Office One4all Gift Cards (accepted in over 170 brands in-store and online). Please note, only one prize per household. Terms and conditions apply.

How to enter:


Review the four statements below and have a think about which statement or statements you might like to illustrate with a photo, drawing or poem.


Statement 1: Animal homes in nature.

Statement 2: My favourite place to go to be in nature in Sussex.

Statement 3: My favourite species (animal, plant, bird etc) that I see in Sussex.

Statement 4: People and nature together (can be good or bad).

Create your masterpiece - then upload (or ask a parent/guardian to do so) a digital version of it to this page using the form below. As we can only accept digital copies, if you’ve drawn a picture on a piece of paper, please take a photo of your drawing, and upload that. If you’ve written a poem, please type it, or copy and paste it into the relevant text box. Each drawing, poem or photo needs a seperate form, so if want to submit 5 masterpieces, that means 5 forms. 

Photos, poems and drawings will be added to our gallery, below on this page. Winners of the ten vouchers will be drawn at random after the 30th September 2024. Good luck!


Please note:

The form below asks for a postal address and an email address. This is so we can notify potential winners and send out vouchers, and will not be used for any other reason. Only the first name of the young photographer, artist or poet, their age, and their town or city will be shown, along with their masterpiece.


Note for teachers:

If your class is taking part, you can bulk send their entries by email to team@wayforwardbrighton.com rather than submitting them individually via the form. Please ensure each submission has a first name, age, town/district and a short description of the picture, poem or photo, so they can be added to our gallery. 


If you have any questions about this competition, please email us at: team@wayforwardbrighton.com






Arthur, 12 Burgess Hill.

"Deer's home in Oldland Windmill, Hassocks"


Arthur, 12 Burgess Hill

"A curious friend"



Matilda, 8, Mid Sussex: 

"I love cheeky squirrels!" 



Submit your entry




Arthur - 12 - Mid Sussex

Even busy bees need a rest

Jack - 14 - Uckfield

I am writing this poem to draw awareness of the Sussex plant, Spiked Rampion

Isla - 5 - Lewes

I found this beautiful frog in my nannys pond. There are a few other creatures in the pond including fish and pond snails.

Elliott - 5 - Adur & Worthing

Elliott has drawn an owl home in a tree, a squirrel, some bees and lots of beautiful flowers.

Louie - 13 - Adur & Worthing

My grandson Louie (sen) has drawn a picture of him bird watching by the river Adur with butterflies and ladybirds also nearby! He says 'I like watching birds and my favourite is a robin'.

Tommy - 5 - Chichester

Tommy shows a huge interests in bees and asks a lot of questions! We came up with this poem together.

Bradley - 14 - Brighton & Hove

Bradley says 'nature is actually really fascinating'.

Cerys - 11 - Crawley

Snail salad bar, good for sharing

Oliver - 6 - Arun

My favourite place to go is Pagham Harbour with my dad and take pictures of the birds. We like to see the Barn Owl.

Oliver - 6 - Arun

A sparrow hawk. My dad spotted it but I saw it first, Pagham Harbour. May 2024

Fred - 6 - Chichester

Fred adores nature, and all things animals. His favourite activity is bug hunting and going to see the birds with his binoculars and bird spotting book.

Fred - 6 - Chichester

At RSPB Pagham Harbour

Fred - 6 - Chichester

Adores all birds of prey. He would be so happy to win 🐦🐦🐦

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